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The member’s pledge: Obey the command, do my due diligence, do my best, exclusion of dangerous rescue hazards


The establishment history of Zhejiang Provincial Safety Production Emergency Rescue Sanmei Center

On November 16, 2010, Jinhua Emergency Rescue Team for Hazardous Chemicals Accident was established under the care and support of the city, county government, and relevant departments. The team was approved by the 107th executive meeting of the Jinhua Municipal Government and established on the foundation of the emergency team of Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Ind.Co.,Ltd.. "The Reply of the General Office of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province on the Upgrade of the Jinhua City Hazardous Chemicals Emergency Rescue Team to the Provincial Emergency Rescue Team" (Zhejiang government office letter [2012] No. 70) agreed in September 2012 to make Jinhua City's hazardous chemicals emergency rescue team The rescue team was upgraded to a provincial emergency rescue team (while retaining the name of Jinhua municipal emergency rescue team) and established as Zhejiang Provincial Safety Production Emergency Rescue Sanmei Center, which was incorporated into the provincial emergency rescue system and participated in the emergency rescue of hazardous chemical accidents in the province action.

Overview of Sanmei center

Zhejiang Provincial Safety Production Emergency Rescue Sanmei Center is led by Zhejiang Provincial Safety Production Emergency Rescue Center. It’s a professional team that implements rapid and effective emergency response to hazardous chemical accidents and minimizes accident losses according to the principles of "government leadership, unified command, rapid response, and coordinated operations". Since its establishment, the team has participated in more than 30 professional rescues for hazardous chemical accidents such as liquid chlorine, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, and liquefied natural gas. It has been widely praised by the society and has made great contributions to the local economic construction and social stability.

Based on the "Jinhua Emergency Rescue Team for Hazardous Chemical Accidents", the Sanmei Center has been given policy support by the provincial, municipal, and county governments, and has invested an appropriate amount of funds to carry out targeted upgrading, reconstruction, and construction. So far, a total of 13.83 million yuan has been invested in the center. Among them, Zhejiang Province's financial capital is 5-million-yuan, Jinhua City's financial capital is 2.6 million yuan, Wuyi County's finance provides 2,560 square meters of construction land, and Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Ind.Co.,Ltd.'s self-raises 3.23 million yuan for emergency equipment, vehicle purchase, updates and routine operation and maintenance of the center.

At present, the center is equipped with one rescue fire truck, two material equipment vehicles, one command vehicle, two box-type storage tank tractors, and two 30-cubic tank trucks. Various types of emergency rescue equipment include detection, decontamination, warning, transmission, demolition, plugging, protection, miscellaneous and other equipment, and protective equipment, a total of more than 220 types, which can basically meet the requirements of a hazardous chemical to meet the needs of the rescue scene. Now it covers an area of about 2,130 square meters, of which the comprehensive building covers an area of about 430 square meters and the construction area is 2,235 square meters, which has been put in used. A professional team that can fight independently and can undertake the emergency rescue of highly toxic and high-risk chemical accidents such as anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and liquid chlorine in central Zhejiang has also been established.

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