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Primecoin – Get Started 


How To Get Started Installing Primecoin Miner for Computer Users

This guide is written to introduce anyone who has not yet mined or started the Primecoin Software yet. This guide welcomes anyone who wants to use their computer to mine Primecoin for a good cause, not only do you get rewarded for your efforts by earning (XPM), and you can contribute to the scientific advancement of our world’s current technologies or future technologies.

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Representation of each Step #1 – The Installation of the Primecoin (XPM) Wallet and Mining Software (Client) will give you access to use your PC for scientific computing power to the primecoin network. The Primecoin (XPM) Wallet will provide you with addresses, which can be used to transfer, receive, and send XPM funds with other users, exchanges, or merchants that accept Primecoin. You are provided a Primecoin XPM wallet, and it requires you to encrypt to protect your coins – you will encrypt your wallet on step #2. Once you create a passphrase (and encrypt) the wallet, you can now start computing on the Primecoin network by using the command ‘setgenerate true -1′ to use max cpu power.

Step #2 – Encrypto

  1. Download and Install the Wallet & Mining Software (Download Primecoin Official V1.2 Client)
  2. Load the Software (it will download and sync – Estimated wait time 1 hour) – Meanwhile, you can encrypt your wallet. Create a unforgettable pass-phrase, and not something easy either. Your passphrase will be used to unlock your wallet (a permission to transmit transactions) by sending your coins to a different wallet address. Click Settings -> Encrypt Wallet, and create a passphrase. Do not forget this passphrase, it is 100% important you never store it anywhere that can be found easily or easily cracked. You will also need to confirm passphrase. Once that is done, wait for the Synchronization to finish, so you can begin Computing Primecoin using your PC. (Estimated time to complete: 1 hour or less)
  3. Sync Complete? You just downloaded all the networks blocks, and are up to date, ready to start mining. Click Help -> Debug Windows -> Console. Type: Setgenerate true -1  (This turns on the max CPU computing power for your PC/laptop) to start mining Primecoin XPM. Simple enough, right? here are some screenshots you can follow.

Step #3 Start Mining Screenshot:

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Type: GetPrimesPerSecond to find out how many primes you are mining per second. ChainsPerDay is very useful too, type that in. That is it! You are already mining primecoin. PrimesPerSecond takes about a few minutes until numbers appear, that is how you know you are mining Primecoin (XPM).

Need some commands? Type Help in console and refer to this guide: for some additional answers.

How To Identify you Mined Primecoin XPM or not?  This is how it will look. It will popup as mined at the task bar, near your Windows clock area.

Need to discuss with other Primecoin Miners? Go to: and simply ask for help about anything or contribute with others.

High Performance (Mine Primecoin at Higher Speeds)

Windows x64 – Software Binaries

Windows x86 – Software Binaries


More Screenshots (How Mined Primecoin’s Look)


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