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How To Send Mined XPM from Linux to Main Wallet 


Are you wondering of the exact way on how to send Mined XPM from Linux to Main Wallet on your home client or PC? This instructions will help you achieve that. Simply follow the guide, and you will succeed instantly. In order to begin the process, you need to identify two things. First, are you transferring an immature XPM? or matured XPM? The immature XPM will have less than 3,000 blocked mined for it, which makes it immature. If your linux server shows a balance or has more than 3,000 blocks mined, it has a matured XPM. Either way, you can transfer them XPM from Linux to your main home wallet. In order to do this you have a couple easy steps to get started with.

To check balance, go back to the primecoin/src directory and type in: primecoind getbalance This will give you exact details of the current balance in your wallet for that linux server. If there is a number there, then you have a matured XPM waiting to be drawn out, go to part #1 to get started. Otherwise, use PART #1 because it would be an immature if no balance shows.

Part #1) Immature XPM (Before Balance)

  1. primecoind listtransactions #
  2. Copy the “address” of which you want to retrieve the private key from.
  3. Type in primecoind dumpprivkey $receiving_address minedXPMaddressGOEShere
  4. Save the private key it dispenses out *after the address* when #3 command is executed.
  5. Go to your home client console and type: walletpassphrase YOURwalletpassword 60
  6. Use Step #4′s PrivKey. In your client console – type: importprivkey thePRIVKEYADDRESS

How do you know it worked? You will receive an instant notification that your import is complete, and now in your home client wallet. It will begin finding blocks to finalize the immature state, and grow to become a ‘matured’ XPM balance. Check your transaction section to make sure it is completed. If you get an error about wallet code -4 << read why here and try step #5 again.

Part #2) Matured XPM Balance

First, you need to confirm your block is MATURED XPM before moving forward with the instructions. How do you check for XPM Balance? This is done in a few ways. Go to the LINUX directory: /primecoin/src and follow these instructions

  1. primecoind listtransactions #
  2. primecoind getbalance (if a balance shows up, bingo, you have a matured XPM)… If no balance shows up such as; 0.000000 then your block isn’t matured yet. Go back to Part #1 and import as immatured XPM or wait for it to be matured before going to the next step.
  3. Get the address of the XPM you want to move to home wallet on your client.
  4. primecoind sendtoaddress yourhomeWALLETaddress amount
  5. If you get error wallet code -4 << read why here and do this next step
  6. Go to your home client console and type: walletpassphrase YOURwalletpassword 60
  7. Now, use the command from step #4 ONLY when #step 6 is completed.

Part #2 is for the matured XPM balance to transfer in your main (PC) client wallet. If you want to get started on setting up a linux server, read how to get started with a LINUX XPM mining machine.  Do you want to enable high performance linux build/setup to mine XPM? << use this guide here. Learn how to add a privkey to your wallet address.

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