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First Primecoin Mobile App 


It’s tough to rate my own mobile application… so I am going to be unbaised as much as possible. Yes, this is maco, writer from and lead developer/creator of ‘Primecoin Buzz‘ mobile application for Google-Play Android users. I have been working on recent updates to help better serve primecoiner’s into new, positive adventures with primecoin XPM mining. In order for me to stay as transparent as possible. I will link you to images and threads, which you can write up on yourself and make a judgement. At the time of this article, Primecoin Mobile App: Primecoin Buzz is currently available on Android, and is Version 1.2 Beta stages with features/sites linked into it.

Original thread: Primecoin First App

The First Primecoin App has Officially Launched and Available on Android
Brand: Primecoin Buzz ~  Android App.
What it is: Get Real-Time News & Social Updates via Primecoin XPM .. right to your mobile phone.
Download it now ~
Official Website ~

News & Social app. Like my other projects Bitcoin Buzz, and Litecoin Buzz this app will deliver NEWS & SOCIAL to your android phone,
on a daily basis, in real-time. You won’t skip a beat, as the app will be there to save you time on research, and multitasking is more possible now.

Download the Primecoin App: Primecoin Buzz V1.2 on Google-Play Market!

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We would like to thank Sunny King for his support of the Primecoin Buzz App!

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