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Corporate culture

Company’s vision:
To be the world's leading supplier of fluorine products.

Company’s mission:
Create value for customers through labor that moves people around the world, provides employees with a career destination, and pursues a green enterprise that is prosperous and sustainable. Combined into a "community of destiny" for customers, employees, enterprises, and society.

Core value:
Dedication and responsibility, pragmatism and efficiency, fairness and integrity, innovation and excellence

Company’s spirit:
Set an example, be righteous, seek effectiveness, and know in general

Talent concept:
Both ability and political integrity; Use people's strengths
Fair competition; Survival of the fittest
Loyalty and self-discipline; Hardworking

Business philosophy:
Serve customers wholeheartedly and pursue the maximization of value

Management philosophy:
Clear responsibility, result-oriented, result-oriented, refined management, scientific control

Quality Concept:
Continuous improvement and never satisfied.

Quality Policy:
Industry-leading, brand excellence, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

Quality goal:

1)The qualified rate of one-time inspection of the product inspection tank:AHF≥98%,R141b≥95%,R142b≥98%,R143a≥98%,R22≥96%,R125≥98%,R134a≥98%;The factory pass rate of all products is 100%;Leakage rate of aerosol cans≤1?.

2)No more than 3 customer complaints for each product in one year;The return rate of the product is ≤ 0.1% in one year;The scrap rate of the product is 0.

3)Customer satisfaction is over  80%  in one year.

Safety production policy:
Compliance with laws and regulations, prevention first, continuous improvement, ensuring safety

Overall safe production goal:
To ensure that no major fires, explosions, and leaks occur;
To ensure that no casualty accident occurs;
To ensure that no collective poisoning accidents and serious occupational disease accidents occur;
Effectively prevent and control natural disasters and ensure that losses are minimized.

Environmental Policy:
Complying with laws and regulations and protecting the environment is our sublime mission;
Cleaner production and continuous improvement are our due obligations.

Overall environmental goals:
Pay attention to environmental management and prevent leakage; pay attention to daily management and prevent accidental discharge.
Relying on technological innovation to achieve energy saving and emission reduction; relying on the participation of all staff to achieve performance improvement.

Occupational health and safety policy:
Compliance with laws and regulations, prevention first, and reduction of occupational risks;
People-oriented, continuous improvement, and building a harmonious Sanmei.

Overall occupational health and safety goal:
Increase capital investment, improve safety facilities, and promote the comprehensive application of new technologies, new processes, new materials, and new equipment. Through all-staff, all-process, all-round, all-weather comprehensive management, improve the intrinsic safety level of the enterprise to ensure that no major safety casualties and occupational disease accidents occur; effectively prevent and control natural disasters to ensure that losses are minimized.

Energy Policy:
Technological innovation, energy conservation, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence.

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