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Fujian Qingliu Dongying Chemical Ind.Co.,Ltd.

Fujian Qingliu Dongying Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Ind.Co.,Ltd., located in Dalukou Chemical Park, Qingliu County, Fujian Province. Founded in 2002, the company covers an area of nearly 800 acres and has more than 400 employees. The company has formed an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, 40,000 tons of environmentally friendly refrigerant Pentafluoro ethane (R125), and 30,000 tons of environmentally friendly refrigerant Difluoromethane (R32). The company is also the first private enterprise in Sanming to pay taxes of over 100 million yuan. It is one of the "Top Ten Manufacturing Enterprises in 2018 and 2019" in Sanming, "Fujian Province May 1st Labor Award", and "Fujian Province Private Enterprise Party Building Advanced Unit".

The company adheres to standardized management and operates in good faith. It is a contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise. It has been rated as a tax-paying credit enterprise for three consecutive years by the Sanming Municipal Taxation Bureau many times. Enterprise attach importance to safety and environmental protection work and regard it as a lifeline. It has successively passed the certification of quality, environment, occupational health, and safety management system. At present, the company is striving to build an important domestic fluorine chemical production base and an industry benchmark enterprise by virtue of the management advantages, talent advantages, technical advantages, and capital advantages accumulated in the past 20 years of development.

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