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Primecoin vs 42

42 is rare like Primecoin. I think in 1 year, both Primecoin and 42 will be side-by-side in rarity as difficulty continues to double up. In my opinion, Primecoin is growing daily, without much hype, and prices being stable on the exchange. More adoption is coming in, and this is expected to grow rapidly over Full Article

Primecoin vs Bitcoin Comparison Charts

Comparing Bitcoin vs Primecoin?  This is your chance to view this design that gives you details of the charts.Full Article

Prime Numbers, An Odyssey

Prime Numbers, An Odyssey Prime numbers, a simple yet profound construct in arithmetic, have perplexed generations of brilliant mathematicians. Its infinite existence was known as early as Euclid over ...Full Article

How To Buy XPM

There is numerous ways to buy XPM Coin’s using BTC or USD.  Let’s discuss the most simple way of buying Primecoin (XPM) at the current exchange markets. You have ...Full Article

Primecoin 4th World Record

Primecoin Network has added the 4th world record to the list from the last press release we did.   Primecoin just recently broke another world record, the 13-Primes: On September ...Full Article

Primecoin – Get Started

How To Get Started Installing Primecoin Miner for Computer Users This guide is written to introduce anyone who has not yet mined or started the Primecoin Software yet. This ...Full Article

Introduction to Primecoin

Introduction to Primecoin Since the creation of Bitcoin , hashcash type of proof-ofwork has been the only type of proof-of-work design for peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s proof-of-work ...Full Article

What is Primecoin – Abstract

Are you wondering What is Primecoin?  Are you looking for more in-depth information about the new Primecoin everyone has been talking about?  This article is going to cover the ...Full Article

CentOS – Auto Install Servers

Start Mining Bitcoin on Back to the community) Start Mining Primecoin on a Trusted, Notable, and Reliable Server (Pay 4 Use) Want to find out how to setup ...Full Article

Free XPM Mining Servers

After the free trial is over, your server will remain up for only 4 hours before shut down, unless you make a payment.  Must have an account at coinbase, ...Full Article